Tampa Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Collaborative divorce emphasizes cooperation versus litigation and allows you and your husband or wife to set forth your own parameters for how you want to end your marriage — giving you control over the outcome, not a judge.

In the collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse, along with your respective attorneys will sign a participation agreement stating your intention to cooperate through negotiation in an effort to reach a mutually beneficial marital settlement. These negotiations will take place in a series of joint sessions or settlement conferences that may include input from a variety of experts including mental health professionals, financial planners, and child specialists. These experts often serve as “coaches” and help facilitate productive discussions that lead to a negotiated settlement.

A collaborative divorce can be accomplished in a two to six month time period. One notable downside in choosing the collaborative method is if for some reason an agreement cannot be reached, both attorneys would be required to withdraw from the process and you would have to retain new counsel and proceed to a contested divorce in court.

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