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Probate is the legal process whereby individuals settle the affairs of another person’s estate after that person passes away.

It is also the process through which the courts will settle:

  • will contests
  • inheritance disputes
  • other estate planning concerns

An individual can die intestate, meaning without a valid will, in which the intestate law applies. Or, the individual will die testate, meaning with a valid will, in which the deceased as specified how he wants his/her estate to be divided.

There is a law in Florida known as the elective share that allows the spouse of the deceased to inherit a portion of the decedent’s estate, regardless if the decedent disinherited the spouse with a will.

To learn more about probate, contact an experienced Tampa probate attorney. 

Any interested party may initiate a probate action.  Upon the death of an individual (known as the decedent), an individual who has knowledge of the will has 10 days to initiate the claim and file the will.

Probate involves the filing of several legal documents with the court, and a relatively lengthy process including the:

  • Appointment of a personal representative or an executor
  • Inventory and appraising estate property
  • Notification of creditors of the estate property
  • Providing publication regarding the estate
  • Paying estate tax if necessary
  • Determination of the beneficiaries, and the amounts each beneficiary will receive
  • Distributing property to beneficiaries
  • Handling estate tax issues

It is important to note that there are different methods to probate an estate, including:

  • Disposition Without Administration
  • Summary Administration
  • Formal Administration

Our firm has experience performing all three types of probate procedures.

Most probate cases involve the timely filing of many documents within specified deadlines. If issues arise, our clients’ can be assured that Ms. Lasley is an experienced probate attorney and handles probate cases not only in Tampa, but throughout the state of Florida.