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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney in Tampa, Hillsborough County

Mindi Lasley is an experienced estate planning lawyer who can help protect your assets and wishes

ESTATE PLANNING is a service which includes advisement and the complete drafting of a client’s estate plan in accordance with Florida law.

Many people believe that this is a service only necessary for those with significant assets.

However, estate planning, wills and trusts are tools that should be utilized by anyone interested in protecting their assets and wishing to pass down an inheritance to beneficiaries.

Although it doesn’t have to be, estate planning is usually much more complicated than just drafting a simple will.

Clients should take note of all of their assets, and together we can plan which approach would be most beneficial to the client and any beneficiaries.

We can also advise our clients if it is wise to transfer assets into a trust. There are different types of trusts that may be beneficial to an estate.  Furthermore, trusts can be used for different purposes, such as:

  • avoiding probate
  • leaving assets to beneficiaries after death
  • and more

SPECIAL NOTE FOR THOSE FACING A DIVORCE:  It’s important that estate plans and other documents be updated after a divorce because a divorce does not automatically disinherit the ex-spouse.