Divorce Forms

If your marriage is going through a difficult phase, you might want to get a divorce. Filing for divorce in Florida is not an easy task, and there are lots of legal complexities involved in the process.

With the assistance of Mindi Lasley, you will not have to worry about anything, from filling the divorce forms to completing the other essential paperwork, we will handle everything on your behalf.

Skilled And Effective Legal Advice:

While a legal professional is not always required to file a divorce case and some couples carry out the process alone, hiring an attorney is in your best interest.

We understand the condition of our clients. When our clients approach us, we first listen to their case thoroughly. We also try to make our clients feel free and comfortable to share their worries and problems with us.

Settling The Case:

It is our duty to understand the situation and fight on your behalf. It is important to note that not all cases are the same. Some cases are extremely complex, and we have to deal with the matter skillfully.

We give straightforward legal advice to our clients in order to get them relief as soon as possible.

Carrying Out The Necessary Tasks:

Our main responsibility is to understand the needs of our clients and act, as per the divorce laws of the state. We try to reduce the hassle and effort of our clients, which is one reason why we fill out the divorce forms on behalf of our clients.

We keep our clients thoroughly informed about the current condition of the divorce process. We make sure that if our client is entitled to get alimony from the relationship, or if there are issues of custody, we make the case on behalf of our clients.


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