Consequences of Not Paying Tampa Child Support

Consequences of Not Paying Tampa Child Support

The noncustodial parent, or parent in charge of paying child support, is required to have pay deducted to cover the costs of Tampa child support. This includes if the parent has multiple jobs. It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the Child Support Enforcement Program and the court after changing jobs. As an extra form of protection, businesses report to the state after hiring or rehiring employees. The information is also given to the child support enforcement agency.

Every child has the right of financial support from both parents until the age of 18. There are many headaches involved in the need of child support and one of the greatest is the consequences of nonpayment. Parents who must pay child support should take heed in this situation. There are many consequences to not paying.

Suspension of Licenses

Falling behind on Tampa child support payments is a big deal. The state of Florida can suspend a driver, hunting, or fishing license of any noncustodial parent that has stopped paying child support.

Seizing Assets

When a noncustodial parent is behind on Tampa child support payments it is within the law for the Child Support Enforcement Program to take hold of federal tax refunds, Florida lottery winnings, unemployment compensation and other forms of non-traditional income. Also, money can be taken from bank accounts if there is evidence of child support not being paid.


Parents who do not pay child support may have liens placed against them on such properties as houses, mobile homes, land, cars, or other valuable items to ensure payment of child support. Liens can make the process of selling difficult.

Contempt of Court

Non-payment of child support is in violation of the support order. Due to this fact, the Child Support Enforcement Program can request a judge to order the noncustodial parent to pay a large sum of the past due amount or send them to jail.

Arrest Warrants

Non-custodial parents who refuse to pay child support can be issued warrants for their arrest. All law enforcement agencies in the state will be able to view the warrant. An arrest can be made at any time.

Credit Score

Non-payment of Tampa child support can affect your credit score and the ability to obtain credit cards, mortgages, and loans.

Federal Prosecution

It is possible to be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor if an out-of-state case is referred to a federal court for criminal prosecution.

Vehicle and Vessel Registration Suspension

Vehicle and vessel registrations held by non-custodial parents can be suspended by the state of Florida for lack of Tampa child support payments.

Professional/Business License Suspension

Licenses of construction contractors, realtors, electricians, accountants, doctors and other working professionals can be denied or suspended.

Passport Denial

Planning a trip? Passports can also be denied when there is a large amount of support payments that are unpaid.
Let’s agree that with this long list of difficulties that go along with not paying Tampa child support that it is in the best interest of everyone to not get behind on paying.  Contact me, Mindi Lasley, at 813-873-9047 for legal aid in the area of family law and child support.

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