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5 Compelling Reasons to Get a Prenup

Posted on : December 26, 2016

You’ve heard it before — “getting a prenup is unromantic” or “getting a prenup means your fiance doesn’t actually love you.” Neither are true. A prenuptial agreement is a smart move for most couples. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. The Divorce Rate is 50% — and Rising

Sure, it’s a little depressing to think about divorce before you’re married. But you certainly can’t tell what the future will hold. But it’s important to recognize that half of marriages end in divorce and the statistic is rising.

2. A Prenup Makes a Divorce Easier and Faster

Part of the frustration of divorce is hashing out the details of who gets what. If a prenup is in place and spells all of this out, a potential divorce will flow more quickly.

3. A Prenup Can Reduce Damage to Your Credit

If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement, you could be at risk for paying alimony or sharing your partner’s debt. A divorce can put you in a difficult financial situation, which can in turn have a negative impact on your credit. A prenup can prevent you from paying for things that you shouldn’t have to pay for, avoiding a financial crisis brought on by divorce.

4. A Prenup Can Prevent “Gold Diggers”

While most people don’t get married for the money, some do. If someone is looking to marry you and get a portion of your finances after a divorce, a prenup will discourage them from doing so. If you go through with the marriage, a prenup will prevent them from getting what isn’t fair and equitable should you divorce.

5. A Prenup Makes Financial Sense

If you’re bringing assets into the marriage, it only makes sense to protect them. It also makes sense to protect yourself from debt that your soon-to-be-spouse is bringing into the marriage and from financial distress in the event that you do get a divorce. A prenup isn’t unromantic, it’s just smart planning.

At Lasley Family Law & Divorce, we can help you determine if a prenup is right for you and what needs to be included in your paperwork. Don’t navigate the waters of prenuptial agreements alone — it’s important to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side. Contact our office now for a free consultation to learn more by calling (813) 873-9047.

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