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Paternity Testing in the Context of a Child Support Case

Posted on : February 14, 2016

No matter what side of a child support case you are on, paternity testing will come into play if you and the mother of the child were or are not married. Learn more about paternity testing and how it relates to child support below.

Requesting Child Support & Paternity Testing

If you are the mother of a child and are requesting child support from the man you believe to be the father of the child, you will need a court approved paternity test in order to prove this. You will not be able to legally collect child support from a man until it is established that he is indeed the father of the child. If a father pays child support to you privately and it is then established that he is not the father, you may owe the money back to him. Protect yourself and the rights of your child to financial support by having a legal paternity test done as soon as possible, before you formally request child support.

Being Requested to Pay Child Support & Paternity Testing

If you are a father and are being requested to pay child support, it is critical that you have a paternity test done. Even if you are relatively sure that the child is or is not yours, only a legal paternity test can establish your relationship with the child as fact in a court of law. If it is found that you are not the legal father of a child, you do not have any child support responsibilities. However, if you are found to be the legal father through a court approved paternity test, you will be obligated to pay child support in an amount determined by the court. Never pay child support to the mother of a child that is allegedly yours until you have legally established that you are indeed the father of the child.

Contact a Paternity Lawyer Today

Whether you are a mother or a father, paternity testing always comes into play in a child support case where parents aren’t married. A paternity lawyer can help you learn more about your rights to have paternity testing done and can arrange to have testing that is admissible in Florida courts. Contact Mindi Lasley, P.A. today to discuss your unique case and to receive the compassionate guidance and legal advocacy you need during this time. Call now for a consultation at (813) 873-9047.

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