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What Can Be Included in a Florida Parenting Plan?

Posted on : May 31, 2019
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Co-parenting can be a challenge, but with a parenting plan in place, you can make collaborating with your child’s other parent as smooth and simple as possible.

What Is a Florida Parenting Plan?

A Florida parenting plan is a written legal document that outlines what is expected of each parent in certain situations, including timesharing, holidays, extra expenses, legal decisions, and more.

What Can Be Included in a Florida Parenting Plan?

There are many things that can and often should be included in a parenting plan, such as:

  • What communication tools will be used? It’s a good idea to communicate with your co-parent using a traceable tool. Many apps exist specifically for this, and all communication can be sent directly to officials involved in your case if needed. Decide ahead of time how you and your ex will communicate about important matters regarding your child.
  • How expenses are shared. Beyond child support, what other expenses will your child incur and how will those be paid? Consider things like sports uniforms and fees, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • How important decisions are made. Include who makes major decisions, especially about education, religious, and health matters.
  • What to do when one or both parents need to change the parenting schedule. Outline in your plan how much advance notice you need to change plans and what happens if plans need to change in a pinch.
  • How holidays or special dates will be handled. Decide how you and your co-parent will handle custody and visitation during holidays and other dates that are special to your family. Will you trade dates every other year? Choose what feels appropriate for your family.
  • How time will be shared on a daily and weekly basis. Outside of holidays and special occasions, how will you and your child’s other parent share time? Will one parent have the child during the week and the other on the weekend? Consider what looks right for your family — it may not look like anyone else’s and that’s okay.  

How to Get Help Writing Your Parenting Plan

Parents can often overlook different aspects of a parenting plan, leaving them without guidance or structure when that particular issue arises later. Get help writing your parenting plan and make sure your bases are covered by consulting with an experienced Florida family law attorney. Contact Mindi Lasley today for a consultation at 813.873.9047.

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