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Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney?

Posted on : October 13, 2015
Tampa Elder Law Attorney

As your loved one ages, they become more and more vulnerable. The most compassionate and caring thing you can do for them is ensure that they have the support they need in every capacity. Many people choose to work with an experienced Tampa elder law attorney to help facilitate various unique issues that come up late in life. Here’s why you should consider consulting with a lawyer and how to take the first step in protecting your loved one.

Nursing Home Care

If your loved one will be entering a nursing home, planning for the transition can be challenging. You want to be confident that the facility you choose will take excellent care of your elderly family member, and you want to exhaust every possible source of benefits that are available to pay for their care. An attorney can help you do so and can assist you in the event that your loved one has suffered nursing home neglect or abuse.

Medical & Disability Benefits

In many cases, elderly individuals are eligible for medical or disability benefits through social security, Veteran’s benefits or other sources. However, applying for these benefits can be a lengthy and complex process. A lawyer can help you and your loved one apply for all available programs in order to obtain the maximum benefits possible.

Medicaid/Medicare Planning

When your elderly loved one reaches a certain point in their life, they may become eligible for Medicaid and/or Medicare. However, your loved one’s current insurance or their finances may prevent them from getting the full benefits they would ordinarily have access to. By working with an attorney, you can plan ahead for Medicare and Medicaid in order to allow your loved one the opportunity to get access to as much coverage as possible.

Living Wills & Last Will and Testament

You’re loved one’s living will and last will and testament are extremely important documents. Since these documents will outline your loved one’s wishes regarding their end of life care and how their possessions and assets will be distributed after their passing, it’s critical to work with a competent elder law attorney who can guide your loved one thorough the process of creating a will.

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