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Uncontested Divorce Cases

Posted on : April 28, 2013

Potential clients frequently ask me what constitutes an “uncontested” divorce case with my firm.  My firm handles uncontested divorce cases for a flat fee.  My firm interprets uncontested divorce cases as a case in which the parties have resolved all issues, including custody (now known as “time-sharing”), child support (which is calculated based on guidelines), equitable distribution (which is the division of assets and debts) and all other issues pertaining to the case.  Based on your agreement with your spouse, we will draft a Marital Settlement Agreement.  There is still other pleadings that must be done and the Petitioner does have to go before the judge.  Unlike many firms, we are willing to make small changes to the Marital Settlement Agreement.  While we can talk to your spouse with your permission if he/she is not represented, we must make it clear that we cannot give him/her legal advice.  If your spouse is represented by an attorney, your case is more than likely not an uncontested case.

Please contact us to find out if you have an uncontested case.

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