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Study Finds Higher Rates of Weight Loss Surgery with Increases in Divorces and Marriages

Posted on : April 20, 2018

A Swedish study suggests that weight loss surgery can have significant implications for interpersonal relationships. People who didn’t have bariatric surgery when compared with those who did, were more likely to stay married. Those individuals who did get bariatric surgery were more likely to get divorced or separated if they were married, and if they had been single, they were more likely to get married or get into a new relationship.

Weight loss surgery impacts extend far beyond just losing the weight, according to the Swedish research. The team looked at large studies of people who had and did not have weight loss operations. Nearly 75% of the participants in the data set were women. The first study looked at more than 1900 obese patients who received bariatric surgery compared with 1900 who did not get bariatric surgery.

Nearly 1000 participants were single at the beginning of the study. Nearly four years later, more than 21% of those did have bariatric weight loss surgery had started a new relationship or gotten married. For those people who were already married, however, the rate of separation or divorce was higher after four years at approximately 9% in the surgery group compared with 6% in the control group. Weight loss surgeries could lead to a recalibration of relationships, meaning that people who previously had low self-confidence tied to their weight may choose to get into a new relationship or leave an old and unsatisfying one as a result of their new lease on life. If you are contemplating getting a divorce, schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer.

If you have made big changes in your life and believe that your marriage is no longer the right fit for you, this is a hard choice to figure out what to do next. No matter how you came to this conclusion, it’s imperative that you find someone who can support you through the entirety of the process. Filing for divorce does not have to be difficult if you can work with a lawyer you can count on.

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