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Should I Litigate My Divorce?

Posted on : November 5, 2016
Florida Divorce Litigation Attorney

When you’re getting a divorce in Florida, you have a couple of choices to finish the procedure. Arbitration, mediation, and litigation can all be a means to end your marriage. Understanding which one is appropriate for you can be challenging. In some situations, litigation is the most suitable, although it could very well be the most expensive and time consuming. Here’s what you should understand about litigating your divorce.

Can You and Your Spouse Communicate With Each Other?

If, for whatever reason, you and your partner have communication issues, arbitration or mediation may be very difficult. With litigation, your lawyers will communicate on your behalf about the facets of your divorce. Therefore, you won’t need to discuss issues with your partner in any way.

Do You and Your Spouse Agree on Aspects of the Divorce?

If you and your partner disagree on custody arrangements or how to split your property, you might want to litigate your divorce, particularly when you don’t have a desire to reach a compromise. Maybe domestic violence has been an issue, and you believe that having sole custody of your kids is in their best interest, or maybe you can’t reach an understanding on medical or educational issues regarding your kids. Litigation may be the better option when partners cannot compromise on one or more issues in a divorce.

Is There Not Much to Gain Financially from Equitable Distribution?

The judge will do her or his best to evenly divide marital property and assets between your partner and you. If you stand to gain more financially from equitable distribution through litigation, this may be the better option.

At Lasley Family Law & Divorce, we take each individual scenario into account to discover the best possible strategy to reach our clients’ desired results. Whether that’s litigation, arbitration, or mediation, we’re prepared to go the extra mile to give you the all-inclusive legal representation you will need.

Don’t hesitate to get the support and legal advice you need during this difficult time. Divorce is never easy, and you need an experienced divorce lawyer to guide you through the various aspects of dissolving your marriage. If your answers to any of the above questions were “no,” litigation may be the right choice for you. Find out more by calling Lasley Family Law & Divorce for a consultation at (813) 873-9047.

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