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What to Say to Family & Friends About Your Divorce

Posted on : August 13, 2017

Many people who realize they’re divorcing from their spouse wonder how exactly they’ll tell family and friends. What should you say? Are there certain ways you should say it? Discussing the subject doesn’t have to be frightening or worrisome when you use these tips to help make breaking the ice a little easier.

Talking to Family Members

It’s not uncommon for people getting a divorce to dread discussing the situation with their family. They’re afraid of criticism and even the potential for family members to try to change their mind. When you tell your family — and your in-laws — that you and your spouse are divorcing, be sure to do the following:

  • Remain as neutral as possible. Don’t criticize your spouse and offer no “explanation” as to why the divorce happened. Avoid a “he said, she said” argument whenever possible.
  • Remain firm in your decision. Don’t allow family members to feel that they can sway you into stalling the divorce or pressuring you into giving the marriage another chance if that’s not what you want.
  • Remain friendly, but don’t expect to continue relationships with your in-laws. Even if your in-laws were close with you, the chances are high that they’ll side with their family. That’s okay.

Talking to Friends

Talking to friends that you share with your spouse is often more challenging than talking to your own personal friends, who are likely going to be supportive of you no matter what. Your close friendships can remain intact if they didn’t also share a friendship with your spouse. Mutual friends can be tricky, but it’s important to be honest with them.

Realize that even if you tell mutual friends that they don’t have to “pick sides” between you and your spouse and that you still want to be friends with them, you may lose some of them anyway. For mutual friends that you are able to maintain a relationship with, be sure to never discuss the divorce or your ex-spouse with them. This keeps things neutral and keeps your friends from feeling pressured. It also prevents them from spilling to your spouse.

Call a Tampa Divorce Lawyer for Help

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