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New Study Shows That a Flashy Wedding Can Increase Your Divorce Risk

Posted on : May 17, 2018
Tampa Divorce Attorney

A new study shows that those couples who go all the way with the effort to have a flashy wedding are more likely to get divorced. Wedding planning is known as one of the most stressful aspects of a relationship and it is certainly enough to keep both members of the couple thinking about whether or not they want a flashy wedding or whether they prefer something much more simple.

Weddings often seem to be full of stress for those who get through the events, but spending so much money on just one day could indicate that the focus was more on the wedding than on the resulting marriage.

Although the issues associated with the couple joining their lives may not be problematic until years later, it’s not a surprise that many couples choose to forego the fancy and expensive wedding to begin with and instead work towards an elopement or basic wedding.

Many millennials are choosing to accomplish their wedding in a streamlined format, opting to put any money towards their debts or a house down payment. Further research studies may be completed to determine the overall impact of that choice.

A research firm called Splendid Insights recently completely a survey and found that those couples who spent greater than $30,000 on their big day were more likely worrying about what would truly impress their guests rather than what they wanted.

That was compared to couples who spent less than $10,000. A previous academic study of American marriages in 2014 found similar results, identifying that those couples who put together a pricey spectacle were more likely to ultimately get divorced.

The average American couple spent around $26,000 on their wedding in 2017. Their biggest expense was food, followed by location and the engagement ring. Newlyweds were also more likely to spend money on photography, flowers and invitations. If you are contemplating getting divorced, regardless of the wedding that you chose years ago, the support of an experienced divorce attorney is necessary.


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