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Do I Have Any Options If the Other Parent Is Not Paying Child Support In Florida?

Posted on : March 13, 2019
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Making Your Case For Child Support

Fighting for child support in a divorce is a common interest for the parent who hopes to receive full or primary custody. There‚Äôs no doubt that there are many expenses involved in raising a child. Because of this, both parents are expected to play a financial role in supporting that child. If you get a child support order, you want to make sure that it’s paid and enforced.

Can Florida Child Support Enforcement Get Involved?

Florida child support enforcement does enable you to take action if the other party is refusing to comply with Florida child support orders. This can be a very frustrating situation that interrupts your cash flow, and it is recommended that you already have a relationship established with an experienced child support modification attorney or divorce lawyer who can help you navigate this complicated situation.

When a parent who owes child support refuses or fails to pay on the order as required, the Florida Department of Revenue might get involved to enforce the order, including:

  • Sending withholding notices to the person’s employers.
  • Mailing late payment notices to the address of the person who owes money.
  • Suspending the payee’s driver’s license if the Department of Revenue is not contacted within 20 days of getting notice.
  • Deducting past due amounts from re-employment or worker’s comp benefits.
  • Intercepting Florida lottery winnings or federal income taxes.
  • Negotiating an agreement based on an in-person meeting.
  • Denying a renewal of the paying party’s passport.
  • Reporting this obligation on the credit report of the paying party.

As a parent who was planning to receive child support benefits, this can be an overwhelming situation to confront, particularly because you will still need to pay bills and take care of the children during this time.

Most people use hiring a child support lawyer as their last line of defense when they have tried to communicate with child support enforcement and gotten nowhere.

Getting Legal Help with Child Support Concerns

Because of the challenges associated with child support enforcement, it is recommended that you engage the services of an attorney sooner rather than later so that you can understand some of the common problems with child support enforcement and the most effective way for you to approach this issue.


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