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4 Must-Ask Questions for Your Divorce Attorney

Posted on : April 10, 2016
Tampa Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce is undoubtedly challenging, and selecting the right divorce attorney for you can seem to be too. Here are 4 questions that you absolutely want to ask a lawyer before deciding whether or not you want them to represent you in your case.

1. What Attorney or Attorneys Will Be Working on My Case?

Depending on your case and the law firm that you’re consulting with, you may have one or more divorce attorneys working with you. Ask in advance who will be working on your case and how you can contact them and communicate with them throughout the process.

2. What Are the Estimated Costs of My Divorce?

How much a divorce costs depends on the complexity of your case and what all will be involved. If you are able to resolve your divorce through mediation, it will likely be much less costly than if you litigate every aspect of your divorce, such as child custody and property division. After an attorney has reviewed your case, ask for a ball park estimate of what costs you can expect to incur as you move through the process. While this figure may change, an attorney should be able to give you a decent idea of what to expect financially.

3. What Decisions Will Need to Be Made?

While decisions like child custody and property division may be obvious, there may be other decisions that you will need to make as you move through the divorce that you’re not yet aware of. Ask your divorce lawyer what decisions will be left to you, what decisions will be left to your spouse, and what decisions you will need to make together.

4. What Strategy Do You See Being Most Effective In My Case?

After reviewing your case, an attorney should be able to give you an idea of the legal strategies he or she intends to employ. Be sure to ask for as much legal detail as you’re comfortable with — you always want to have an idea of where you stand and what your goals are as you move through the process of dissolving your marriage.

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