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Russian Adoptions

Posted on : June 11, 2013

Russia and the United States have not reached an agreement allowing U.S. citizens to adopt children from Russia.  Adoptions between the two countries had previously been closed due to legislation the U.S. Congress had passed regarding Russia’s human rights policies.  Most children are adopted from Nigeria, Ecuador, Ukraine and China.  This often fluctuates due to ever-changing legislation and requirements of different countries, along with the Hague Convention.

This would be an excellent moment to point out that there are many, many children in need here in the U.S. and are being removed from their parents on a daily basis by the State in Dependency Court.  These children here in the U.S. desperately need adoptive homes and/or loving foster homes while they are going through these difficult times.

We also need volunteer guardians-ad-litem, which is an excellent opportunity for individuals that want to help children.

Please keep advised of the Intercountry Adoption Alerts and Bureau of Consular Affairs with the State Department.

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