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Holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Time-sharing

Posted on : September 29, 2013

This time of year raises many issues for parties relating to holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas time-sharing. In a permanent case, the parties can be very creative in how to split the holiday time-sharing, including what holidays are important to him/her.

One thing to consider if a party wants to alternate the entire break, exercise the normal time sharing schedule, or each see the child(ren) part of the day on the big holidays. For those who want to split a holiday break in half, it’s normally switched the next year.

Think about family traditions, travel, and each parties’ willingness to exchange child(ren) in the middle of a holiday day.

For pending cases, holiday time-sharing, including Spring Break, need to be established now, either through negotiations or through the court.  I tell my clients that after the beginning of October, it will be too late to file emergency motions with the court to establish these issues because of the backlog of cases. Many, many parties will be filing the same motions, so it’s best to get a head start on doing so. So if you can’t negotiate your Holiday time-sharing schedule (on at least a temporary schedule) by this week, please contact an experienced family law attorney to make sure it’s done properly.

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