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When Can I Stop Paying Spousal Maintenance in Florida?

Posted on : September 28, 2019
Alimony, also called spousal maintenance, is a form of financial relief that courts grant some lesser earning spouses during and after a divorce. This monthly payment helps the lesser earning spouse get back on their feet, but can be challenging to pay. If you were ordered to pay spousal support, when can you legally stop? …

Types of Alimony in Florida

Posted on : December 12, 2015
Florida Alimony Attorney
Although alimony has changed significantly in Florida in recent years, there are still several types of alimony available in certain situations. Here’s what you need to know about alimony and how you can learn more about your options. Bridge-the-Gap Alimony This type of alimony is one of the most commonly awarded types of alimony in…

Florida Alimony Reform Act Vetoed!

Posted on : May 2, 2013
There has been a lot of debate about the Florida Alimony Reform Act that passed both the state House and Senate.  The bill would have eliminated permanent alimony but also create a presumption in favor of a 50/50 timesharing schedule for a child.  The governor vetoed the bill and it appears that there will not…

Update on Florida Alimony Reform

Posted on : April 28, 2013
As of now, the Florida Alimony Reform Bill has passed both the Florida House and Senate and is on the governor’s desk waiting to be signed.  Not only would this put an end to permanent alimony, but it would tie the maximum length of alimony to the time a couple was married.  Then it would…

Florida Alimony Reform and Rotating Custody

Posted on : April 8, 2013
Many people aren’t aware that the Florida Alimony Reform Act effects child custody as well.  A Provision of the Alimony Reform Act gives a presumption of an equal time-sharing schedule (often known as 50/50 custody) to children.  Keep in mind that this is a rebuttable presumption and to rebut this presumption you need to have…

Florida Alimony Reform

Posted on : April 2, 2013
Many clients and prospective clients are asking about the Florida Alimony Reform bill that has passed the state Senate Committee.  This Bill essentially eliminates permanent alimony, and makes other changes regarding alimony.  Bridge-the-Gap (also known as transitional alimony) would be modifiable and would not exceed two years.  It could also be terminated upon the remarriage…

Understanding Florida Tax Credits & Exemptions

Posted on : February 5, 2013
Many clients and prospective clients have tax questions upon receiving their W-2. The most frequently asked question is which parent should claim the “qualified child,” which has a legal definition, for the income tax exemption or credit. For IRS purposes, the custodial parent is entitled to claim the qualified child for the tax exemption.  The IRS…

Immigration and Family Law

Posted on : September 13, 2012
Many clients ask me family law questions regarding immigration. First of all, immigration involves several agencies, including the U.S. Department of State (possibly), The U.S. Department of Labor (as to employment-based visa petitions and green card sponsor-ships; The Social Security Administration and the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding legal status in the United States and…

Divorce Modification

Posted on : September 10, 2010
Divorce Modification Tampa At Mindi Lasley, P.A. we’ve handled numerous modification cases.  I’m often asked what provisions of a divorce decree (also known as a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage) are subject to modification.  Unfortunately, there are many provisions of a Final Judgment that cannot be modified.  Furthermore, when a provision is modifiable, it’s…

Bankrupcy and child support, alimony

Posted on : August 14, 2009
Debts that qualify as domestic support obligations are automatically excepted from discharge in bankruptcy cases (including Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13). This includes alimony and child support as long as it’s paid pursuant to a court order. While other debts may be dischargeable in a bankruptcy case, alimony and child support are secure.