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Florida Alimony Reform

Posted on : April 2, 2013

Many clients and prospective clients are asking about the Florida Alimony Reform bill that has passed the state Senate Committee.  This Bill essentially eliminates permanent alimony, and makes other changes regarding alimony.  Bridge-the-Gap (also known as transitional alimony) would be modifiable and would not exceed two years.  It could also be terminated upon the remarriage of the recipient party if he/she remarries with two years following the divorce.  Rehabilitative alimony would also be allowed to enable a party to further his/her education.  Durational alimony is also allowed, which is a periodic payment similar to permanent alimony but it cannot exceed the amount of time the parties have been married.  The Court shall prioritize an award of Bridge-the-Gap alimony and then Rehabilitative alimony.  A combination of the different types of alimony may still be used.

It’s important to note that a marriage under ten years is considered to be a short-term marriage.  A marriage between 10 and 20 years is considered a mid-term length marriage and a marriage exceeding 20 years is considered a long-term marriage.  Durational alimony may be ordered for any length of marriage; however the amount may be modified upon a substantial change in circumstances.

This bill contains many more detailed alimony changes, including formulas.  It also contains a provision which would lead to a presumption towards a rotation (50%) timesharing schedule.

Please note that this is just a Bill that has been passed by the Senate Committee at this time and is not law.  It’s important that you contact an experienced Tampa Alimony Attorney to ascertain how this Bill is progressing and how it may affect your case.

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