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Can I File for Bankruptcy and Divorce in Florida At the Same Time?

Posted on : January 25, 2019
Attorney For Divorce In Tampa, Mindi Lasley
Divorce And Bankruptcy Going through so many different legal issues at the same time can be difficult, but it might also make sense to file for divorce or bankruptcy in a specific order. In these situations, you need to have the advice of competent and qualified attorneys who are looking out for your best interests.…

How Long Will My Florida Divorce Case Take?

Posted on : December 20, 2018
Two of the most common questions asked of Florida divorce attorneys is how long the case will take and how much it will cost. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to fully estimate either one of these without sitting down with an experienced divorce attorney as both the duration and the potential cost of your divorce…

Do We Really Need a Cohabitation Agreement?

Posted on : November 19, 2018
Identifying an experienced family law attorney to help you with putting together a cohabitation agreement can be important for outlining the critical aspects of the relationship and reducing the possibility of problems in the future. Many studies have explored the experiences of cohabitating couples and have come to the conclusion that those couples who live…

Can I Change My Florida Child Support or Alimony Order?

Posted on : October 15, 2018
If your life circumstances change, it’s natural to wonder whether or not you are eligible to change the order that has been established by the court. It is often the case that a person or family will have changing circumstances and may need to update existing materials to more accurately reflect what is going on…

What Does Working Full Time Have to Do with a Possible Divorce Rate?

Posted on : September 3, 2018
If you are contemplating filing for divorce, there are likely many different reasons that pushed you to even consider this option and it is also possible that you’ve already had a consultation with a knowledgeable divorce attorney. You might have even tried to work things out with your spouse in the past by using a…

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