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What Does Working Full Time Have to Do with a Possible Divorce Rate?

Posted on : September 3, 2018
If you are contemplating filing for divorce, there are likely many different reasons that pushed you to even consider this option and it is also possible that you’ve already had a consultation with a knowledgeable divorce attorney. You might have even tried to work things out with your spouse in the past by using a…

Should Children Know More details About Divorce?

Posted on : July 24, 2018
Children now want to be included in decisions about what happens in a divorce, according to a new study. ¬†Many parents try not to share too many details about the breakdown of a marriage because they want to shield and protect their children. ¬† It can be hard to figure out what to share versus…

What Does Your Wedding Price Have to Do with Divorce?

Posted on : July 15, 2018
A new study says that spending too much money on your wedding could be a big mistake. Although brides and grooms might be able to leverage resources from family members or partner opt to pay for wedding, spending too much on your wedding could come at a higher risk of getting divorced. Two economic professors…

Be Aware of Your Health After a Divorce

Posted on : June 10, 2018
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Changing your habits too much after a divorce may not be that good for you, at least according to a new study. Changing your habits after a divorce could be associated with early death. The study found two possible culprits that may connect a person’s decreased health after divorce. There have been many other studies…

New Study Shows That a Flashy Wedding Can Increase Your Divorce Risk

Posted on : May 17, 2018
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A new study shows that those couples who go all the way with the effort to have a flashy wedding are more likely to get divorced. Wedding planning is known as one of the most stressful aspects of a relationship and it is certainly enough to keep both members of the couple thinking about whether…